Underwriting with Tahoe Truckee Community Television

TTCTV Local Television!

· TTCTV cablecasts 24 hours day/7 days a week via Suddenlink Cable and will be available via the web as on-line streaming video.

· TTCTV reaches 14,000 homes in Truckee, Tahoe City, West shore of Lake Tahoe, and parts of Placer and Nevada Counties through Suddenlink, and as on-line video, anyone –anywhere can still “tune-in” to what’s happening in the Tahoe/Truckee!

· TTCTV is the only TV station that features local news, local events and local folks.

· TTCTV is the spirit of the community seen on television!

What is Underwriting?

· Underwriting is an effective alternative to commercial advertising.

· .Underwriting is a sponsorship of noncommercial local television programming

Your business (the underwriter) makes a tax deductible contribution to TTCTV and the television station creates a video “thank you” featuring the sponsor on air. In addition to appearing on-air, your business will be listed on TTCTV’s website as well as posted on the TTCTV Bulletin which is televised daily.

· Your investment in TTCTV as an underwriter will not only benefit your business, it will benefit our entire community!

Annual Underwriting: 

Underwriting on an “annual plan” provides your organization with a customized 30 second video to be aired a minimum of three times weekly (one prime time play PLUS two plays during daytime hours) on both Channel 6 and 24. Your spot will also be available as streaming media, hosted by the TTCTV website.

· $1000 Annual (paid in full)

· $275 Quarterly (4 times per year)

· $100 Monthly

Underwriting With a Selected Program

Underwriting with a “selected program” entitles you to receive a verbal “Thank You” at the end of a program of your choosing. This does not include the 30 second video. You will also receive on-screen credit that includes your business and contact information..

· $50 Monthly (3 month minimum required to start)

Additional Benefits of Underwriting

· An association with TTCTV strengthens public perception of your commitment to the community.

· Underwriting with TTCTV provides on-going publicity for your business

· Underwriting with TTCTV also aids in strengthening the bonds of our community.

What does TTCTV provide for our community?

Facilities for Community Use:

TTCTV has a production studio, editing suites and equipment available to members. All facilities are used for public access, education and local government programming.


TTCTV offers the following courses to the public:

· A high school Regional Occupational Program (ROP) in video production.

· Video Editing

· Studio Production

· Field Production

· Studio Directing

Coverage of Local Events:

TTCTV provides live coverage of Town of Truckee meetings, the Tahoe Donner PUD meetings, and more to come! TTCTV also produces other community events, such as the 4th July Parade, local elections and special events.

The Day of Giving Telethon

In spring 2009, TTCTV will host and cablecast/webcast a 12-hour Day of Giving Telethon for local non-profit organizations.

Please call Renée Klosterman Power at 530-583-1194 or email rpower@ttusd.org to begin your TTCTV underwriting today!