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TTCTV Membership Application

Without the generous support of our members, TTCTV would not be able to air YOUR local programs.  Thank you for contributing to YOUR local public access station.         



                           Last                                                   First

Mailing Address_____________________________________________________________


Company/Organization________________________   Title________________________


Phone (_____)_______________________    Website________________________________


Fax (_____)________________________    E-mail__________________________________


Signature ___________________________________________________________________


Membership Benefits

Members may submit programs to be cablecast on TTCTV and receive access to TTCTV studio and general production facilities, as well as resources, tutorials, reference materials and networking opportunities for locating information, producers and talent. Members may request technical support, enroll in workshops and seminars, receive training to become certified in advanced equipment use, and borrow TTCTV equipment. Some workshops and services may be subject to fees that cover the cost of providing them, however, any member whose annual dues are paid may substitute volunteer hours for additional cash payment of fees.


Type of Membership:

____$25          Student/Senior

____ $40         Individual

____$75          Family

____$100        Non-Profit Organization (includes custom-made advertising slide on the Community Bulletin Board)

____$150        Business (includes custom-made advertising slide on the Community Bulletin Board for 2 months, a $300 value!)


I am interested in the following TTCTV services:

            ____ Production Training                                              _____ Volunteering

            ____ Submitting Programs                                            _____ Internships

            ____ Field Production                                                  _____Other__________________________
            ____ Studio Production                                                ___________________________________ 



For office use only:

Membership paid_________________________       Method: CK_____________ Cash__________

Orientation Date____________________________                 Member #___________________________